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O!ePay Mobile App

Octopus Hong Kong


O!ePay is a P2P mobile app by Octopus released in 2016, now rebranded to "Octopus Wallet". I was responsible for designing the application Logo, Guidelines, Launch KV and videos, print ads and digital touchpoints.


O!ePay was a mobile app from Octopus allow P2P money transactions, which was one of the pioneer mobile app with such service (before PayMe was launched).

The logo tells the experience which can be done solely swiping your finger meaning this is a mobile service, and the octopus logo in between the two matchstick man like fingers showing the P2P transaction concept at the same time.

The main key visual idea was to introduce the concept of the conveniency for a P2P app targeting especially the younger generation who love gathering and share their enjoyments with friends. Another visual was a supplement to other audiences who have needs on helping their family members to add value to their octopus card.

Campaign Video:

Education Video

Education Video

Intro Video

Monkey Hero article about O!ePay




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