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Dermes Website Revamp 2015

Neo Derm - Dermes

As the sole visionary behind this project, I personally conceptualized and executed a comprehensive redesign of the website to enhance user experience and introduce a more user-friendly UI design. One of the distinctive features is the incorporation of a subtle yet impactful thin diagonal line, imparting a sense of beauty, slimness, and clarity to the overall aesthetic.

Notably, the client not only appreciated but also embraced the diagonal line concept, extending its use to other branding materials. This positive response is a testament to the effectiveness and adaptability of the creative elements introduced.

Moreover, I took a unique approach to present the pricing of services, deviating from conventional tables and direct text. Instead, I personally crafted an elegant video featuring a graceful dancer, seamlessly weaving in pricing information to create a visually captivating experience.



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