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SPLinks Intranet Revamp



"SPLinks" serves as the intranet website and mobile app for Swire Properties employees, functioning as an information hub containing company news, leave application and approval processes, employee benefits, offers, and more, catering to over 2000 users, including both office and frontline staff.

The revamp was extensive, spanning two years from user research to the final full launch, including multiple iterations.

We initiated the process by collaborating with the research team from PwC, conducting focus groups and interviews. With their initial recommendations, we engaged Mirum Agency for a more detailed UI/UX process.

We conducted user interviews with staff from various backgrounds and departments, developed user flows and personas, and finalized a comprehensive UI design.

My Roles:


As a digital designer in the company's Digital Team, I closely collaborated with both agencies from the user research stage onwards. I liaised with internal parties, organized and participated in user interviews, collaborated with different departments to gather business requirements, and overseeing the UI layout, balancing creativity, user experience, and business needs. 

UAT and User Management

I played a significant role in the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase, focusing on UI/UX aspects. 


It was also important to manage internal users on content management, and I had hosted tutorials for secretaries and project owners, preparing FAQ contents to make sure the revamped website comes in handy for everyone.


I handled internal marketing activities with the PR team, and prepared promotional materials.


I was also responsible for reporting monthly in the Steering Committee Meetings to stakeholders including directors from HR, PR, and IT departments, detailing project progress and outcomes such as usage metrics.

#UIDesign #UIUX

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